Our Activity Areas

Environmental engineering issues are expanding day by day. Today, the most important share of environmental pollution is the industrial pollutant sources.

Our Quality Policy in Production

In line with the principles of our company, we always contribute to the development of the sector and to increase the modern line of the country by making researches and innovations in accordance with the principles of our company, to ensure that it is a world brand.

Akra Water Treatment

It aims to carry out the work and turnkey solution proposals related to the transfer of natural resources to future generations and the environmental investments in this beginning, as well as in the future in the best way.


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Technical service
The life span of our registered customers is monitored and periodically maintained by our computer system.

Akra Water Treatment Systems

We are continuing our projecting, contracting and maintenance services within the framework of the needs determined for drinking, usage, process water and pure water treatment systems.

In the chemical laboratory within our company, we carry out physical and chemical analyzes, jar tests, pilot treatability studies of water as soon as possible and meticulously.

Akra Water Gallery